Welcome to TruthArena Networks

Our vision is to provide digital contents through all channels

TruthArena Networks Limited is a licensed content delivery service platform that provides Christian and Non Governmental Organizations with various channels to deliver media contents to their members and the general public. These channels include voice, sms, video, mobile apps, social media, web, STK (Sim Tool Kit) etc.

Our objective is to assist our partner organizations disseminate their media contents to their target audience through every available channel as mentioned above to achieve their organizational goals.

We are committed to providing ministries with the ability to reach the world using the latest digital technologies.

TruthArena Networks offers its partners a professional service by leveraging on technology to communicate and disseminate information to a wide spectrum of audience through various channels.

We also provide effective IT solutions tailored to the demands of our growing partner ministries.

TruthArena – Voice channel

The truthArena voice channel is a complete suite of IVR modules and functions that organizations can leverage on to provide recorded messages for members. Some of the features of the IVR channel are listed below:... Read More

TruthArena – SMS channel

The SMS channel is an on-demand and subscription based sms content services. It uses both long codes and shortcodes. Longcodes are charged at standard GSM operator rates while shortcodes are charged as either standard charge or premium rates, depending on the ministry’s choice... Read More

TruthArena – App channel

The app channel is a mobile app client available on smart devices (like windows mobile, IOS, Android and BlackBerry) to deliver on-the-go text, audio and video contents.

TruthArena – Social media

Social media is fast growing and TruthArena is leveraging on this channel to push ministry contents to these channels. We help your ministry to manage pages, ads placement on these channel (like facebook, twitter and google).

TruthArena – Web channel

By using the website of TruthArena, users are able to access content of their choice. This content varies from text, voice and video. Polls and forum are also available on the website to allow continuous engagement among the users

TruthArena – USSD channel

USSD practically works on all GSM standard telephones regardless manufacturer. With this channel users are able to interact using menu to receive digital contents on their mobile devices

TruthArena – STK channel

We work with GSM operators to provide specialized SIMs for organization and thereby preloading contents and services to the SIMs. This is good for corporate branding, ease of use of service and removes learning curves on the part of the users.

TruthArena –Live-talk

Live-talk channel is a Call Center service that provides the caller with live conversation with the ministry staff or ministers. This channel is very suitable for prayer line, counseling and enquiries

TruthArena – TV channel

We setup web-based TV station and digital TV for organizations, train, manage and support. We also provide channels for any interested organization on the TruthArena TV channel